Measurement Guide:



When providing sizing for your bespoke bracelets and anklets- please where possible use a soft tape measure. We need your actual flush to skin wrist/ankle size, with no room added on, just like the photo.

How can i measure my wrist/ankle if i do not have a tape measure? 


If you do not have a soft tape measure, you can use a strip of paper and flat ruler to measure your size and this is how you do it:

  • ​Prepare a strip of paper and dig out a flat ruler (even if you have to raid your little one's pencil case!) 

  • use the strip of paper to measure around your wrist and mark with a pen the exact location the paper begins to overlap

  • Then lay the paper out flat and use your ruler to measure against the paper from the pen mark (where the paper overlapped around your wrist) to the bottom- this should give you your flush to skin wrist/ankle size.


Alternatively, tape measures can be bought very cheaply online or local stores.



When choosing a size for your necklace, please either use a tape measure to measure around your neck the length you wish the necklace to sit, or use our handy guide shown here which is based on an average, medium sized neck!



If you do not know your ring size then you can purchase one of our ring sizers on our website. Alternatively, the best recommendation is that you visit a local jeweller to get professionally measured prior to ordering. 

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